Featured Post: Christmas Hamper Dreams

If I were a super organised person then now would be the time to prepare for Christmas and sort out presents, yes? I would classify myself as semi-organised. I’m not the person buying wine from the services en route to my family Christmas dinner, but neither am I the person who has everything wrapped and ready to go by 1st November. I’ve pinned some present ideas, I’ve saved bits to various wishlists, scanned delivery deadlines and started talking ideas with friends.

I think a hamper is a lovely idea, especially if you’re giving a gift for a whole family to share, as there’s usually something to please everyone. As good as the hamper goodies themselves, I love when the hamper itself is something beautiful too. This is my one-stop shop for the loveliest Christmas hampers around.

Say I were dreaming about which one I would love to get delivered to my door, it would have to be this one because, hello, look at that basket! I can see myself skipping through markets filling it with fresh flowers, veggies and cheese all year round.

John Lewis Winter Warmer Hamper *floats off on a dreamy Christmas cloud*


Notes: I was asked to share these gorgeous hampers with you, and compensated for doing so, but all views are my own, and I own the copyright to the dream in which that splendid hamper featured.

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