Fire and Water | The Ordinary Moments

boy making madeleinesI know 50% of my boy’s genetic make up comes from me but sometimes I wonder if all that 50% went on exterior qualities. People always tell me how much we look alike. He has my eye shape, colour, my teeny head, my wonky little toes. But that’s all looks. On the inside we are nothing alike.

My star sign is Cancer and I’m as typical as cancers get: quiet, homebody, with a tendency to be over sensitive and retreat into my shell when things get tough or a bit crazy.

His star sign is Sagittarius and he’s extroverted, argumentative, optimistic and not overly bothered by what others think of him.

He is fire, I am water.

Sun will be 5 soon and I’m still learning how to be his mother. It doesn’t come easy. The love comes easy, don’t get me wrong, I love this boy fiercely, but it’s tough getting on with him sometimes and finding things to enjoy together.

I love then that my boy wants to be in the kitchen with me, his chair pulled up alongside me, hands into everything, asking non-stop questions.

I love too that he is beginning to read, and enjoy reading. Watching him make sense of letters, turn them into words, weave them into sentences and discover whole stories is magical.

Sunday he made madeleines, and he read the list of ingredients all on his own. Butter. Sugar. Flour. Eggs. Lemon.

This isn’t the most amazing photo ever taken of my boy, but it’s significant to me. It reminds me to hold onto the little moments of light when things can seem so dark. It reminds me that if all we ever share in common is a love of baking and reading then that will be more than enough for me. Because cake and love – what more can one ever ask to share?


I’m linking up with the lovely mummy daddy me this week. Go check out some other ordinary moments.

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10 responses to “Fire and Water | The Ordinary Moments

  1. I too am quiet, reserved and more of a homebody while my daughter is a whirl of energy and light and nonstop questions. Sometimes the difference in our personalities causes friction, and I too am still learning how to be her mother. I think I always will be. Take it one day at a time and explore common ground where it can be found? I’d say you’re off to a good start, the perfect start. 🙂 Isn’t witnessing them learning to read magical?

      • I’m a Capricorn, she’s a Pisces, but I only see parts of our personalities in our signs. Pisces are very sensitive, have a tendency to feel misunderstood, and love to cater to other people, which is totally my daughter. I think she hasn’t figured out how to deal with her sensitivity and it manifests as major attitude, hence our friction. And the catering to others — I’m finding that she almost idolizes a couple of her friends and wants desperately to please them, so I’m trying to work with her on being her own person and not caring so much about what others think, something she never had trouble with until recently. So your boy will be five soon? I’m jealous! Five is a magical age. 🙂 Sorry for the novel length comment!

      • So interesting, thanks for taking time to reply. I’m sure you’ll find a way to help guide your girl into being a little more confident in herself. And if she is always thinking of others she must be well on her way to being a great friend.

  2. Thank you for sharing this beautiful post- it’s very honest. At the moment my little girl is quite similar to me in the things we enjoy, but she can be testing as all two year olds can. That’s why I started this little project- to remember that there is moments to treasure in every day. You words are so beautiful. x

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