Honeycomb, Chocolate & Almond Pavlova | GBBO #10

Honeycomb Chocolate Almond Pavlova | BluebirdsunshineThe final showstopper on the Great British Bake Off this week was a 3 tier wedding cake and so I thought for my personal showstopper for the Great Bloggers Bake Off I’d take inspiration from my own wedding cake and make a 3 tier Honeycomb, Chocolate and Almond Pavlova.

I got married at the height of summer by the ocean and I wanted something light for a wedding cake. My mum is the queen of pavlovas (or ‘pavs’ as they’re only ever known in our family) so I asked her to make me a 3 tier pavlova. Each tier was a different flavour – lemon curd on the bottom, chocolate and hazelnut in the middle and a traditional berry filling for the top. I don’t have a photo to hand (damn my poor photo storage habits) so you’ll have to make do with a little peak at one of my fave wedding photos making a cameo in this pav photo.

Honeycomb Choc Almond Pavlova | bluebirdsunshine

For my bake this week I used this recipe from What Katie Ate. It’s a decadent chocolate and honeycomb meringue, made slightly denser than a regular pav by adding ground almonds, then the tiers are sandwiched with sweetened mascarpone and the lot is drizzled with a berry coulis and sprinkled with toasted almonds and choc honeycomb dust.

I obviously didn’t inherit my mum’s pavlova talent as in the past mine have always turned out flat, tough, brittle or a soggy mess. My mum says I overthink it so last night I tried to channel her pav confidence and was determined to get it right. Of course, the stress was too much for my first lot of meringue. I don’t know what went wrong but after looking like it was going well it thinned and was not going to thicken no matter how long I stood praying to the baking gods.

I took a deep breath and started again and the second batch worked beautifully, phew. I did my mum (and Delia’s) trick and left them in the (switched off) oven to dry out overnight and assembled them today. I must point out that once assembled you can practically see the moisture going to to the meringue. It started softening straight away. You need people on hand to eat this baby IMMEDIATELY.

I ran (lights and sirens on the buggy) around to make cake drops at a couple of friends who were luckily home. The rest is sitting on my bench getting soggier by the minute, so who’s coming round?

Honeycomb almond choc pavlova | bluebirdsunshine

Honeycomb Choc Almond Pavlova | bluebirdsunshineObviously Shine has been watching me bake and photograph and she’s been taking notes as she brought me her bake this afternoon and asked me to take a photo of it for her. I give you my little GBBO contestant in training.

child with pretend bakeIt has been amazing to join in every week with Jenny Berry and Helen Hollywood and all the bloggers for the Great Bloggers Bake Off these past couple of months. I’ve loved every week. If you like, you can revisit all my Great Bloggers Bake Off bakes. It’s not over yet either, there’ll be a couple more weeks of masterclass bakes too. Hooray!


5 responses to “Honeycomb, Chocolate & Almond Pavlova | GBBO #10

  1. oh my, that looks amazing!! what a great choice for a wedding cake.
    Your little baker is so cute…such a serious face!

  2. oh my word look at this – mmmmmm i am salivating and would love to try that honeycombe meringue PLEASE!!!!! wow thnak you for making such an amazing finale bake off and for all the wonderful bakes you have made xx

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