In Another Life…

In another life…this would be my perfect coat.

Alice Temperley Somerset Coat

Of course I’d catch cabs in that life…so I wouldn’t need to worry about the sleeves getting grubby on the train.

And I’d carry crisp, clean shopping totes…not wriggly children wearing muddy wellies that would leave soil scars on the thighs.

I’d take it off before eating and it’d be hung up in a cloak room…not subjected to smears of leftover lunch transferred from grubby faces to soft shoulders.

My hands would be free to twirl gently and show off the back…they wouldn’t be gripping small hands pulling little ones along on rushed school runs down muddy country lanes with no footpaths.

This coat and my life don’t go…but in another life I might just act a little crazy and buy it anyway. Sod the bills. This coat would be worth every penny.

It’s a good thing it’s out of stock.

P.S. This post isn’t sponsored by anyone. I just LOVE this coat. If you want it you could stalk this John Lewis page or call Alice Temperley direct.

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