The One Where I Went to Gdansk

Gdansk at dusk | bluebirdsunshineIt’s been a long time since I packed a bag and jumped on a plane to somewhere totally random. I had completely forgotten the point of such unplanned, extravagant travel. It was a reminder that a brush with the unknown is utterly refreshing. Not knowing what’s around the corner, or through the arch in Gdansk’s case, is good for the soul.

The chance to learn new words, see new sights and try new foods was very welcome. My life’s not bad. Its pretty good really, but I could at a push admit it’s fairly routine. My life is ruled by school runs and bedtimes. I know what’s around most corners in the town where I live. I’ve tried the coffee at every place with a bean grinder. I’m on friendly terms with the self checkout patrol peeps at my local supermarket. Not a lot happens that is totally unexpected.

Sometimes you have to take yourself out of your comfort zone. Discover. Learn. Travel really does expand your mind and work little parts that have been left to rust without intention.

You could learn that you should take small denominations of Zloty with you. The cash machines might stubbornly refuse to give you cash at the airport and the airport shop won’t take your notes unless you’re prepared to buy the entire cafe and you’ll need coins to get a bus from the airport. You’ll have to work out how to translate Golden Gate into Polish or you might end up totally lost.

You’ll discover that the locals worship ice cream, pastries, doughnuts, creamy layer cakes and hot dogs. There is awesome Cambodian food to be found. Not to mention the vodka. Why had I not been to Poland before?? Match made in heaven. You can even get your fruit fix in the confectioners. Now that I like.

Don’t forget to look up. Pretty spires and rooftops to rival those found in Copenhagen, Munich or Amsterdam.

Oh and water. All the best places have water. Paris, Sydney, New York…Gdansk.

So a big thank you to my beautiful friend who triggered my Polish adventure and filled my inspiration pot to the top.

In case I can’t go on a random adventure again for awhile, here’s my weekend wander in pics…

We stayed in a fab airbnb find in the Old Town and this was the view from my window:

Gdansk Old Town at dawn | bluebirdsunshine

apple in Gdansk | bluebirdsunshineWe wandered around the Old Town and explored the harbour.

Gdansk Harbour Old Town | bluebirdsunshineWe shopped.

Vodka galore in Gdansk Poland | bluebirdsunshine

sweet shop in Gdansk | bluebirdsunshine

hot doggity in Poland | bluebirdsunshine

fruit in the sweet shop in Gdansk | bluebirdsunshine

pastries in Poland | bluebirdsunshine

It was super chilly and got dark really early so that is my excuse for mainly, erm, shopping, and erm, eating. And only taking my gloves off to snap the odd pic of arches and rooftops on my phone. That’s why the pics are blurry, nothing to do with vodka, I promise.

arch in Gdansk | bluebirdsunshine

Amber shop in Gdansk | bluebirdsunshine

Cream Cakes in Gdansk | bluebirdsunshine

Fingerprint graffiti Gdansk | bluebirdsunshineWe were treated to the prettiest sunset while we were there, thanks for that Gdansk.

sunset in Gdansk Old Town | bluebirdsunshine

sunset in Gdansk Old Town | bluebirdsunshine

sunset in Gdansk Old Town | bluebirdsunshineAnd then the last of the frosty pink leaked from the sky and it was time to come home. Thanks Gdansk, you were amazing.

Gdansk at dusk | bluebirdsunshine

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