Happy 5th Birthday Sun

It’s pretty indicative of current times that I’m posting about your birthday 3 weeks after the event. Things are busy, but good busy. And you are as busy as ever. Busy learning how to read, how to write, how to swim, how to be still, how to be a brother, how to be a student and how to tame your wild side while maintaining the elements that make you who you are. A work is progress, I’d say.

Blurry photos paint an accurate picture of your last year. You rarely stay still enough for me to get a photo, but I don’t mind that. Posing and standing still are not for you. You’ve got people to talk to, places to explore, life to leap into. Don’t let me hold you back by asking you stand still.

I’ve spent five years holding you and helping steer you into childhood and I feel as though you’ve taught me more than I’ve taught you. I’m sure you’ve got plenty more to teach me too. Love you, little monkey, and all the energy you bring to our family.

boy on swing in australia

boy watching a play on stage

boy finished easter hunt

boy climbing tree

boy about to take swimming lesson

boy finishing preschool

boy on beach with shell

boy's 1st day of school

boy learning to ride bike

boy with face painted for Halloween

boy swinging from tree

boy's 5th birthday

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