Love the little things #1

There’s a new link on the block by the super lovely Morgana from butwhymummywhy and it’s all about appreciating and noting the little things each and every week. I’m all over soaking in lovely details so without further ado, here’s the little things I’ve been loving this week (other my kiddies, obvs)!


‘Disconnect to reconnect‘ – a phrase that’s pinging about an awful lot this week as people make resolutions and pause to think about the year ahead. Totally resonates with me! Working and playing online means I have a tendency to be plugged in for most of my waking hours and I want to find a better balance.

This week I also read this recent article in The Independent – Is Facebook Making us Forget? – that questions the impact of photo-taking on our memory. Not a new idea by any means – the notion and concepts of recollection and memory – but one I find fascinating. It’s made me think about how much of my family life I see through the lens.


Currently Bird and I are powering through Breaking Bad. We started watching last year but paused when I found it really tough viewing. Anyone else get ridiculously affected by tv? The adrenaline rushes are all too much and I can’t get to sleep, or get the images out of my mind. I know that’s a sign it’s great tv, but sometimes I opt for a quiet, fluffy life.

That said, I promised Bird I would finish what we had started after making him endure endless GBBO and Masterchef the past few months. So I am back to sweating on the sofa of an evening, covering my ears when things get too hairy. I’m going to need valium to get through the last season I think!


Erm, my slippers and PJs a LOT this past week. More than is healthy. But the lure of elasticated waistbands and sheepskin was too much and it’s been Christmas afterall! The best thing about lounging for a complete week is that it I’m actually looking forward to shedding the home clothes and dressing for public display next week.

I even bought a couple of new lip glosses and lipsticks today – Poppy King for No7 range for £2 a pop, total bargain – that will be given a whirl next week. Watch this space!


Late to the party on this one but the soundtrack to my week has been The Recordings of The Middle East. Folky beautiful music that I am basking in. This song in particular, where chirpy and dark coexist.


I’ve made the most of rubbish weather and time off work to finish off a couple of crochet projects I’ve had on the go for far too long. I made a little headband for Shine and finished off some hand warmers for myself. Also made delish raspberry cheesecake brownies. Must get round to posting deets soon. Here’s a sneaky peak from my Instagram.

girl in park | frogging crochet

And lastly…

The sun came out briefly today and yesterday and it’s not dark yet and it’s 4pm – I LOVE that!

Want to join the #littlelove party? Head over to butwhymummywhy for the lowdown.


9 responses to “Love the little things #1

  1. The crochet hairband is gorgeous and I bet those hand warmers keep your mits nice and toasty!

    I love the fact it is getting dark just slightly later than normal! 🙂

  2. We’ve just started Breaking Bad, my husband loves it, I’m enjoying it but need to watch it a bit more before I fully make my mind up I think.
    The headband you made for Shine is gorgeous, I really wish I was good at things like that. Thanks so much for linking up xx

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