Back to Life, Back to Reality

Back to school for my boy today and back to work for me. Let’s face it, the weather was having a laugh this morning. Torrential rain, roads flooded and still dark at half 8. It was just teasing, seeing if it could summon up some back to work blues.

Sorry, none here. I’m happy to be back sat at my desk today, working. It means, selfishly, I only have to think about me. No little people relying on me to get their lunch. In fact, I might just have a cup of tea and have lunch when I want it. Shocking.

What else is making me very happy today are these snuggly hand warmers I made over christmas, my lip balm that tastes of fruity cocktails, and this bright, coral nail polish.

crochet hand warmers | bluebirdsunshine

It’s not those things, as in objects, making me happy though really, it’s more the fact that I have the time to notice them.

If you want to make the crochet hand warmers too the pattern’s over here by Kat at Slugs on the Refrigerator.


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13 responses to “Back to Life, Back to Reality

  1. It’s great having this extra time now they’re back at school, and I LOVE the coral nail varnish. Enjoy πŸ™‚

  2. Gorgeous hand warmers, very boho-chic! As you say though, the loveliest thing is having the time to smell the roses as it were, and actually notice those pretty nails and take the time for you! Thanks so much for linking up to #AllAboutYou

  3. Love a splash of coral nail polish and totes know what you mean about having the time to enjoy the little things in life that don’t involve children! Thanks so much for linking up to #AllAboutYou… just discovered that the code in the badge doesn’t work properly – note to self… check links before putting them live. I’ve corrected it now on the #AAY post on the blog, so if you do get a mo to hop back over, that would be grand!

    Right, off to cut the fingers off of my gloves, as I have glove envy… (and I can’t knit or crochet!)

    • Badge code all replaced and working lady. Thanks for pointing it out. Fingerless gloves are a work at home necessity in our ice box of a house. Those and my ugg boots πŸ™‚ x

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