Buds and Bulbs | HDYGG

light bulbs on bare winter apple treeIt’s seriously wintry in my garden this week. Hard to believe it was almost 10am when I took these photos, and it was relatively bright this morning compared to some recent days.

The apple tree is just a gnarly skeleton holding up some forlorn looking party lights.

bulbs on bare apple treeNo idea then what this little buddy is up to. My maple is all confused and is sprouting buds.

Not yet, little fella, wait awhile. You must be thinking spring is coming, when I can assure you there are a few more frosty days ahead.

bud on maple tree_________________________________________________

Joining up with Mammasaurus this week and How Does Your Garden Grow?

Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?

12 responses to “Buds and Bulbs | HDYGG

  1. Ah the bulbs look so lonely on there – there really do need some leaves for company now.At least your maple is showing signs of colour – I have a tiny Acer here that looks like I have stuck a bare stick in the ground!

    Thanks for joining in and sharing again – fingers crossed for sunshine soon x

  2. It’s weird isn’t it all this Spring activity when I’m sure we have snow to come! I bet you’re apple tree looks amazing in the Summer 🙂

  3. When the garden looks all barren its hard to believe everything will covered in fresh shoots come spring. I hope your maple isn’t too confused!

  4. I still love lit up lights in a bare tree – it seems to make the trees happier and nicer looking though! Hope your maple holds up – are they resilient?

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