Siblings {January}

brother and sister at christmasSiblings.

I ask if I can take a photo of them both and one runs away from the hairbrush squealing while the other bolts off to find some ridiculous headwear that must be in the photo.

Photos of the two of them together usually turn out blurry because they lean on each other and make each other giggle. They must plot and scheme so that if one looks adorable the other is blinking or looking away.

Not perfect photos by a long stretch, but perfectly representative of them as they are right now.


I’m joining in with the Siblings project, one photo once a month of the pair of them together.

dear beautiful

23 responses to “Siblings {January}

  1. Ahhhh, these are lovely photos. It can be so frustrating to have one smiling at the camera and the other looking the other way, but I sometimes think you can tell more about their dynamics and relationship in those moments. And you can really see their fun relationship in these photos, adorable. x

  2. Not posed, not perfect, but all the better for it, I think. That’s life and that’s what will make you remember this moment and cherish (and laugh about) the photos. I can never get my two to sit still for a photo together and if they do, the eldest really wants to pull faces. I’ve learnt to love them πŸ™‚

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