Window to your Soul | The Ordinary Moments

boy looking out the window

As a child I remember spending what felt like hours sitting at my bedroom window. I’d watch the world outside, wonder where people were going and dream about where I’d go if I had the freedom to go anywhere I wanted.

It was a quiet street in the suburbs so any and every car or person that passed by was pretty exciting. Come to think of it, it was probably the dullness of life in the ‘burbs that propelled me to leave home at 17 and travel to the other side of the world. I knew there was more to be seen than the view from my bedroom window.

Sun is now at an age where he’s spending more and more time in his bedroom. I often find him standing at his window looking out.

First thing of a morning he opens his blinds and surveys the neighbourhood. As soon as I’ve kissed him goodnight and closed the door to his room, he jumps out of bed and goes to the window to look at the night sky. I find his binoculars beneath the window and his blinds open when I go in later to tuck him in.

I wonder what future he’s dreaming up as he looks out his bedroom window…


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the ordinary moments

16 responses to “Window to your Soul | The Ordinary Moments

  1. Such a lovely lovely picture, I love the angle you’ve taken it from and that little bit of sky reflected in the eye. Beautiful. So glad I’ve found your blog. Now following you everywhere!

  2. This is why I have always adored window seats– a comfortable way to let the sun seep in & let my dreams fly out! I would always pack a little kit of a notebook, snacks & a cozy blanket and sit by the window to induce dreaming… I still do it by my back slding glass window.

  3. I used to do the same and to be honest i still do. I think it’s a dreamers trait 🙂 I am almost jealous now looking at the picture and remembering the dreams i had when i was a similar age with my whole life unmapped…

  4. lovely post… i used to do the same thing at my parents’ house, and then when we lived in a flat, but now that we live in a house i prefer to sit in the garden (but i guess i do the same thing i did before by the window…)

  5. I absolutely adore this, both the photo and the description. I too would stare out of the window as a child, looking out at the world and just dreaming of the future, I wonder if my girls will do the same? x

  6. This is absolutely beautiful, he looks so contemplative and serious. I always find it fascinating to wonder what they are thinking about. They are so full of innocence and I wish we could keep them that way forever. x

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