Warm on the Inside | HDYGG

chrysanthemumsShine and I have a little Friday morning ritual happening where we go by the markets in town and pick up some fresh flowers. She loves choosing them and proudly staggers home carrying them, even when the bunches are almost as tall and heavy as her. 

It’s interesting watching her make her choice. She has no prejudices against carnations. Quite the opposite, she’s often drawn to their bright crayola colours. She doesn’t know that roses play any special role in our society, the deep red ones simply please her, and ‘sniff the best.’ Agreed.

This week she chose some chrysanthemums. Not a flower I would ever go for but I have loved having them in the house this week. I’ve fallen in love with their intricate petal detail and caught myself admiring their ombre tones.chrysanthemums

pink chrysanthemum

When it’s miserable outside having flowers inside is even more vital isn’t it. On the weeks that I can’t get to the market then I turn to dried ones to cheer me up. My favourites are these ones hanging in my kitchen. No idea what they’re called (help, green-fingered people!) but they’re almost papery to touch and have a metallic sheen that’s spectacular. They make me warm on the inside.

Nature is awesome, in the true sense of the word.

dried hanging flowers_________________________

Now go and cheer up Mammasaurus who’s not feeling her best this week. Tell her I sent you.

Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?

20 responses to “Warm on the Inside | HDYGG

  1. I like them all – they are so sweet and pretty, and definitely cheer up a house under gloomy weather. We also have a Friday ritual of heading to our farmer’s market – honey and bread is usually what we get. Maybe we will have to start including flowers.

    • Ours only does food once a month, which is for the best as I always come home with waaaay too much. There’s something irresistible about little jars of local goodies isn’t there!

  2. I wouldn’t normally go for these either, but those colours are quite unusual and pretty. I’m longing for the days when I can cut flowers from my own garden once again!

  3. What a lovely thing to do together.I must admit to being really anti-carnation (closet flower snob here!)
    Chrysanths remind me of my nan and make me feel all happy – I love your photos here – just awesome and so so pretty xxx

    Thanks you for joining in and sharing again 🙂

    • I do cringe a little when Shine goes for carnations. I’m guilty of standing in front of them to try & block them from her view in the hope she’ll choose a different bunch 🙂
      Hope you’re feeling better x

  4. We go to a local garden center every couple of weeks & get houseplants, but I LOVE the idea of a flower ritual! I crave plants & flowers in teh dead winter months!

    • I’d love to get more house plants but the light in our living areas isn’t brill & I’m not good at keeping them alive. Feel awful when they slowly die in my care. Flowers are much less pressure! 🙂

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