Blue for Blue | Crocheted Rib Cowl

denim blue crocheted cowl | bluebirdsunshineFeeling totally amazed that I’m actually wearing a scarf that I made.

When I began to learn to crochet last summer I never thought I would actually be able to make anything that I could wear. I thought it’d all turn out a bit wrong. Well, turns out I was wrong. Super proud of myself while attempting not to come over as smug. Apologies for the ladleful of smug as I stroke my pretty infinity scarf gently and coo.

denim blue crocheted cowl | bluebirdsunshine

I’m so glad I decided to stop drooling over other people’s Instagrammed beauties and tried to do something myself. Turns out something pretty special occurs as a result of the crochet. Something I hadn’t really anticipated.

I feel like my Granny, and that makes me feel closer to her, which is a lovely thing.

I sit down and stop thinking about anything else. It’s just me and a long thread working together (ok, occasionally fighting each other). I focus my energy on turning the thread into smooth swatches of warmth. No thinking about what other people are doing. It’s just me and the yarn.

Woolly deets: I followed this free Crocheted Rib Cowl pattern found on The Purl Bee and I used an 8mm hook and about 2 x 100g balls of Drops Andes in Denim Blue. Go forth and create yourself some awesomeness too.


I’m linking up with the #AllAboutYou Link & Pin Party with Mother.Wife.Me, Mama and More and City Girl At Heart. Intrigued? Go on, click below to find out more…


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    • It makes such a nice change to do something with your hands doesn’t it, especially when you spend lots of time online for work and pleasure. Hope you’re doing well x

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