Hot tea, BFG | Love the little things

A little glance at the things I’m loving this week…

Read – The BFG by Roald Dahl. We’re working through the Dahl collection with Sun at the moment and I’m loving some of the descriptions. It’s actually a lot darker and scarier than I remember it being when I read it as a child.

Watched – Grey’s Anatomy. It’s back. And Jackson Avery is as HOT as ever. He’s the real McDreamy.

Wore – The crochet scarf I finished this week.

easy crochet cowl | bluebirdsunshine

Heard – I watched The Voice this week and was reminded of The Streets. I put this song on and was sucked back in time.

I loved The Streets. Such clever lyrics that resonated with me to the point I wondered if Mike Skinner had a camera on me.

Made – A lot of herbal tea. I’m trying to crush the sugar cravings that have consumed me at times this week. Sugar is evil, but oh so tasty.

and lastly…

I found a scrumptious bundle of vintage china at the markets. Perfect for drinking copious amounts of tea. The delicate rose print in a mellow mix of grey and yellow is my idea of heaven. Very happy to bring them home.

Yellow Roses to Remember Royal Stafford | bluebirdsunshine

Yellow Roses to Remember Royal Stafford | bluebirdsunshine

yellow rose vintage teacups | bluebirdsunshine

Want to join the #littlelove party? Head over to butwhymummywhy for the lowdown.


14 responses to “Hot tea, BFG | Love the little things

  1. I use to love Roald Dahl as a child, love the colour of your scarf and wow I have the last set ( well half a set) of china cups, was my grandmas, its beautiful 🙂

  2. I love everything you have listed this week! The vintage crockery is beautiful. I love Roald Dahl and cannot wait to read the collection to Moo and the little boy. I have major scarf envy, that is gorgeous. Avery is definitely McDreamy… I love Greys..

  3. The BFG was my favourite book when I was little. I haven’t read it in over 20 years but I’d love to revisit it and see what I think of it now x

  4. That China is just beautiful and your scarf is lovely wish I could crotchet! I must read the collect of books to my little ones my favourite author of all time ever!x

  5. Love this list! I have never seen Greys though so I think I need to get on it pronto.
    The BFG is a wonderful book isn’t it. Can’t wait to re-read to my girls.

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