Brogues & Bon Iver| Love the little things

A little glance at the things I’m loving this week…

Read – Nigel Slater’s Eat in search of inspiration for midweek meal planning. Trying to claw my way out of a rut. I also picked up The Thrifty Gardener secondhand in the hope it’ll be my answer to an amazing garden this spring.  Will report back on success rates.

Watched – I’ve been watching Britain’s Best Bakery out of the corner of my eye while I do a spot of work. It’s perfect vacuous television. Not as deserving as Great British Bake Off of your full attention, but enough drama and cake to keep me tuning in.

womens tan brogues

Wore – these brogues. I’ve been mainly wearing muddy boots on the school run the past couple of weeks so it was with a spring in my step that I wore these this week when the opportunity arose.

Heard – I’ve been listening to some soothing vintage Bon Iver to drown out the sound of my children this week. For some reason they have decided just to check that whining and being cheeky is actually still not ok with me. 4 words: Boundaries. Pushed. Wine. Consumed. Also I asked Bird to choose Flume by Bon Iver as the first song to learn to play on guitar, so at least I am listening to the first few chords of a song I like on repeat. That’s love.

street crochet

Made – some delicious sugar free scones, and I’m still working away on these legwarmers for Shine, setting a new record for how long it can take to crochet 2 itty bitty bits of leg covering. 

snowdrops in churchyard

and lastly… I’m loving some little signs of spring. Snowdrops! Let’s hope they don’t get buried in snow any time soon.

Want to join the #littlelove party? Head over to butwhymummywhy for the lowdown.


9 responses to “Brogues & Bon Iver| Love the little things

  1. Love this post. Bon Iver’s Flume is one of my all time favourite songs, a great choice to drown out the sound of whiney children.
    Oh those brogues are lovely, my favourite pair are starting to look a bit tatty *sob* so it might be time to invest in a new pair for Spring.
    Thanks for linking up – have a great weekend! xx

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