Box of Tricks | {The Ordinary Moments}

shoe loverSometimes the best way to keep her amused while I work is to get out a load of shoes. She prefers mine but hers will do the job too.

Amuse yourself little one.

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the ordinary moments

16 responses to “Box of Tricks | {The Ordinary Moments}

  1. It’s funny what amuses them isn’t it? LL would play with wrappers, straws, or random empty containers for ages. She’s got an impressive shoe collection! X

    • Empty boxes and containers are brilliant entertainers aren’t they! Shine’s lucky to get a lot of hand me downs in the shoe department. She has a ridiculous amount of shoes, way more than me.

  2. Moo is obsessed with shoes! She has quite a collection. She is always digging mine out from the shoe box too!

    Lovely photo x

    • It’s mad isn’t it how some little ones get really into shoes. My son never had the shoe bug but my friend’s son who is the same age as Shine will literally try and take your shoes off as you get in their door and run off to play with them.

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