16 responses to “4/52

    • Aw, thanks for stopping by. I’m loving the weekly link too. It’s great seeing how different all the photos are every week isn’t it. Looking forward to popping over and visiting your blog x

  1. These are great pictures. Your daughter is gorgeous. I love seeing the hint of baby there still can be, because we never want them to grow old and the hint of growing into young people because we want to see that next stage. It’s a catch22 pull in a mothers heart but all very amazing to witness and capture.

    • It’s funny how the camera sometimes captures what the eye doesn’t see, such a fleeting expression or certain angle. One of the most magical things about photography that I love.

    • Thanks. I love a bit of a retro cherry vibe. I just need to work on getting Shine to keep them in a little longer. I’ve lost count of the number of hair clips we’ve lost among the supermarket aisles as she pulls and drops as we shop. Grr.

  2. I’m so pleased you’ve linked up with Living Arrows, I look forward to seeing more lovely photos. Sun does look older than 5 and what pretty lashes Shine has x

  3. Hello, from me to the once ‘Caramellokoalalover’. An email query sent to you about optimising search engine results and plugins – whatever they might be – showed up in my emails, doesn’t seem to be here yet – and it so happens it’s been a query I’ve wanted answered for about a year. But I’ve got the free hosted WordPress, no fancy gadgets stuff. You couldn’t help, Oh Wise One (much grovelling and scraping)?

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