Peace For Now | {The Ordinary Moments}

brother and sister on hill | bluebirdsunshineThe flip side of it being a tough time with Sun lately has been that he has been lovely with Shine recently. Just a few weeks ago we were having to constantly referee between them. It was exhausting and felt like that was how it was and how it was going to be for the long haul. I’m glad we were wrong.

Of course they still have their moments when we have to remind them that really they’re on the same team, but for the minute they seem to be enjoying each other’s company. Long may it last!

It’s a reminder that this too shall pass and one day soon I’ll hopefully be writing about how much things with Sun have improved. For now I’m enjoying the peace between them.

siblings on a bench | bluebirdsunshine___________________________________________________________________

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the ordinary moments

5 responses to “Peace For Now | {The Ordinary Moments}

  1. These photos are so sweet! I have the same dynamic between my two – he’s the older one and they’re exactly three years apart, almost to the day. They go through phases where each is having issues but they almost always get along with each other just fine. 🙂

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