Shower | {The Ordinary Moments}

girl drawing on misty mirror | bluebirdsunshine

face in mirror | bluebirdsunshine

Hair in a bun | bluebirdsunshine

misty bathroom mirror | bluebirdsunshine

mother and children in bathroom | bluebirdsunshine

bathroom | bluebirdsunshine

I wonder if there’ll come a time when I look back on these days, with rose-tinted glasses firmly in place, and feel lonely taking a shower in an empty bathroom. Or find it odd to have the quiet to listen to my own thoughts for a moment.

You could count to three from when I close the bathroom door and turn the water on to when the door handle turns and in run my two little monkeys. They have me captive, all to themselves, no distractions.

Sun talks non stop as always. Often answering his own questions quickly before moving on to the next. One after the other. Trickle, trickle, flow.

The mirror is a canvas for Shine, who draws rainbows and whales and sharks and happy faces and grumpy faces. She traces the drops that fall from her fingertips and pushes them up and into trees, people and boats. Trickle, trickle, flow.

They fight to pass me my towel and make me laugh with their comments – ‘you have a very pretty bottom, Mummy’, Shine said this morning, while Sun asked ‘Why didn’t you shave your leg beard today, Mummy?’.

Privacy – none. Dignity – none. Entertainment – plenty.


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13 responses to “Shower | {The Ordinary Moments}

  1. Haha this is hilarious. Leg beard! So funny. And the top paragraph made me feel a little sad in a nostalgic way- I am sure one day we will look back and reminisce about the ordinary things like this. x

  2. ahhh i love this sooooooo sweet! right now I’m at the stage that you mentioned in one of your comments, always hearing Arthur crying when I’m in the shower (even though i get out and he’s still asleep!!!!) they always find a way of you not having a shower in peace haha! x

  3. This made me laugh, kids say the funniest things don’t they?! My two are exactly the same, if i’m in the shower they are there watching me. It’s so true how in years to come we will actually miss it.

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