Siblings {February}

riding in the park | bluebirdsunshine

brother and sister | bluebirdsunshine

brother sister park | bluebirdsunshineI’ve been watching my children cruise around the park together a lot recently.

It’s freezing and we only last about half an hour max. Whoever said that children don’t feel the cold clearly hasn’t met my children. My genes are strong and after half an hour their little hands are frozen, their noses are beginning to run and they’re going into cold comas so we retreat in search of hot chocolate.

I find it hard not to feel a little twinge of sadness when I watch them play together outside. I try not to think often about what my children’s lives would be like if we lived in my hometown, Sydney. What’s the point? It would just be a guess really and I’m happy with my life in the UK. Sometimes though when I see them together enjoying just being outside and roaming free I can’t help but let the sadness filter through.

I can’t help but fantasise that they would have a better relationship as brother and sister because they’d have so much space and would spend so much of their lives frolicking on the beach under a perfect blue sky.

That’s the fantasy of course. Who knows what the reality would be. For now our reality is this and I really do appreciate the moments we get to spend outdoors together. If there are a few rays of sun then all the better. Winter can be beautiful here…and there are occasionally even perfect blue skies.

siblings winter | bluebirdsunshine____________________

Joining in with the #siblingsproject.

dear beautiful

17 responses to “Siblings {February}

  1. These photographs are stunning, I love the soft winter light in them and how active and playful the children are.
    I’m not surprised you think of how different life might be in Sydney, especially when it’s as cold and wet as it has been lately. I’m certainly dreaming lately of warm weather and days playing outside. x

    • Aw, thank you. February is definitely the toughest month of the year for me. Much as I try not to, I find it tough not to get grumpy about the weather 🙂 Counting down to Spring now!

  2. Ahhh that’s a lovely space to be able to play in, there’s no flat tarmac spaces here to cycle on. Kit and Ozzy are 50/50 at the moment, best of friends or days on end of bickering. Testing times x

    • It’s a water play area in the summer. Perfect for winter riding and scooting as it’s smooth concrete. You have amazing forest and the sea not far from you, you lucky lady!

  3. I really do think being cooped up with the winter blahs inside because the weather is gross really does make siblings bicker more. I know my girls do! Hopefully spring is quickly on its way.

  4. As others say, lovely photographs. They seem very happy. It might be part of a grand design that you are here at least for now, who knows? Remind me which area you live in now, I know you moved from London, not sure where…

  5. beautiful photos the light is fab in them. i dont doubt you pine for home in weather like this. its days like today with a storm raging outside that i wish i lived somewhere hot but in all honesty id probably pine for winter snow then!!

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