Higher Love| Love the little things

Time to take a look at the little things I’m loving this week…

love is nothing at all if not spontaneous | bluebirdsunshine

Read – I read Tim Lott’s article in the Guardian last week about Valentine’s Day and when he wrote that ‘Love is nothing at all if not spontaneous’ I found myself wholeheartedly agreeing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a romantic person, but I don’t feel like we should be told we must be romantic on a particular day of the year. That, to me, is totally unromantic, lazy even. I want to feel loved all year round, and I want to be surprised by loving gestures all year round.

girl doing ballet | bluebirdsunshine

Watched – I’ve been watching Big Ballet and loving it. I find it really moving. I can’t imagine how heartbreaking it would be to be told you couldn’t do something you love because you’re not the right shape. I watched Shine dancing this morning and couldn’t help but think of the (mainly) women from the program. Takes courage to be judged and I admire anybody who has the guts to follow their dreams and take steps to realise them.

jade silver brooch | bluebirdsunshine

Wore – I stumbled upon this brooch last week that my grandfather made for me when I was a teenager. It was SO not to my taste at the time and I thought I’d never wear it. Funny how when you’re a teenager you think your style will never change. Thank god mine did or I’d still be dying my hair black and wearing a denim shirt. Oh hang on, that wouldn’t be a bad thing right now. Denim shirts are back, right? Must get one. Come to think of it, this brooch could work with a denim shirt, no?

Heard – I’ve been listening to James Vincent McMorrow a lot this week. I love his high folky sound and his latest offerings like Cavalier have me floating and grooving around my home.

crochet ipad cover

Made – I’ve made brownies, yummo, and some thai chicken soup to try and soothe my cold. Also been working on what began life intended as a cover for my ipad but may become a cushion cover. We’ll see.

and lastly…This week I have been counting down to half term. I never understood before having a child at school myself why parents look forward to the holidays. Surely it’s a good thing that they’re at school and not bored at home? Now I realise that holidays mean no homework, no packed lunches and the days not being structured around drop off and pick up. Hallelujah!

Want to join the #littlelove party? Head over to butwhymummywhy for the lowdown.


15 responses to “Higher Love| Love the little things

  1. I love everything about this post! I found myself nodding along to everything that you’d written, and the song you’ve chosen is one of my absolute favourites.
    I too am looking forward to not having to get up and out into the rain early in the mornings for the school run next week! Enjoy xx

  2. I really want to do a ripple blanket but I feel its too complicated! is it? Your iPad cover looks lovely and I love the colours. Love the song too!

  3. Going to look up Big Ballet, saw a doc on the annual ballet school contest in the States that was amazing, it’s so tough for these kids, but so worth it for the ones who make it, that’s life I guess. Love the pic of Shine!

    Valentine’s Day – yip, I agree that the spontaneous acts of love mean so much more, but Valentine’s Day does give us a great excuse to send M off on a sleepover with my folks and head out to enjoy ourselves!! x

  4. I feel the same way when I go to my daughter’s ballet class. These little girls love their bodies and everything they can do! I feel the same about Valentine’s Day. We try to do something nice for each other but by no means is it the only time we do that!

  5. The brooch is beautiful! I’ve been looking forward to half term too, I’ve booked some time off work so will be trying to find things to entertain the munchkin with!

      • We download anything that we want to watch but that means we are always at least a couple days behind. It’s nice for the evenings as being so near to the equator it’s dark before 7 every night! X

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