Chillin’ | {The ordinary moments}

girl and mum reading | bluebirdsunshine

This past week flashed by way too fast. Half term and I had hoped we’d have plenty of time to lounge around and revel in the lack of routine. No such luck though. 

I still had to work so I’m not sure why I thought it would be a magical relaxing time for all. There was far too much rushing about and not enough disregard for clocks.

It was with utter relief then that I found myself snuggled up next to my girl on the couch for an hour reading together. She’s the best couch pal. She squishes perfectly into the space next to me.

Next school holidays I’m going to try and take some time off so there can more time like this and less rushing about.


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the ordinary moments

10 responses to “Chillin’ | {The ordinary moments}

  1. I always start a school break with similar intentions but I think habits are so hard to break. I find myself feeling a little stressed by the end anyway!

  2. Aw I love this, Mads is a perfect couch partner too. It’s lovely when in the midst of a crazy day you just get a few minutes peace together. Normally Mads wakes up a bit earlier than LL and we have about twenty minutes just the two of us on the sofa where I let her watch the iPad and I carry on doing my work. It’s become a real part of our routine. x

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