Home and Dry | Love the Little Things

Time to take a look at the little things I’m loving this week…

Read – I’ve been reading lots of blogs with a home and design focus this week, trying to gather ideas for potential renovations and decorations. My Pinterest boards have had a busy week. I’ve loved looking back over some old Young House Love posts, their blog is awesome. It’s one of the few blogs I check in Feedly every day to see what they’re up to. Do you have blogs like that? Bird thinks I’m nuts to find other people’s property DIY interesting but he clearly just doesn’t get it!

Watched – Finding Nemo has been on repeat in our house this week. Shine has only just discovered it and I’m happy she has really. It’s meant I’ve been able to get a little work done and I like it too so haven’t minded her watching it 73 times this week. Even though I’ve seen it many times there are still parts that make me choke up a little. Nemo’s dad having to let him go to school, for instance. I do wonder too how much of the storyline she understands. She always gets really worried for Nemo when he’s sad and missing his dad, despite knowing they’ll be reunited at the end.

gold chevron ring

Wore – I’ve got a new ring. I  love the trend for chevron in homewares and wallpaper and seeing as I can’t do any wallpapering yet this ring is the next best thing.

Heard – On my playlist this week has been A Boy and His Kite. Lovely soft quiet music that’s an easy work soundtrack. Do you like listening to music when you work? I can’t listen to anything too upbeat but a floaty tune is fine.  I’ve also been listening to John Legend’s All of Me this week. Seriously, can you imagine someone writing a song like that for you? *floats off on a fluffy romance cloud*

melted chocolate | bluebirdsunshine

Made – I made a flourless chocolate cake on the weekend. Or should that be, I burnt a flourless chocolate cake on the weekend. Boo. The non burnt bits were tasty though. This coming week I’ll have to redeem myself on the baking front.

Vintage Notre Dame plate | bluebirdsunshine

and lastly…I picked up a set of plates from the markets for £1 and the watery dark colours seem to go perfectly with all this wet weather. I’ve just wanted to stay home and dry this week. Spring, hello, when are you coming again?

Want to join the #littlelove party? Head over to butwhymummywhy for the lowdown.


8 responses to “Home and Dry | Love the Little Things

  1. I remember E’s FInding Nemo phase (love that film!) we watched it so many times! She never chooses to watch it now 😦
    Love your ring! I too have a thing for chevrons!
    Enjoyed your music choice too, off to find them on Spotify now.
    Have a great weekend lovely xx

    • No, Sun doesn’t want to watch Nemo anymore either 😦 He wants to watch a very rubbish Alvin & the Chipmunks film over, and over, and over. Weeeep. Nemo is way better! You & your little crew have a lovely weekend too x

  2. Lovely ring! I have never heard of A Boy And His Kite.. Shall have to spotify!

  3. Love Young House Love too! And Pinterest. We’re going to be transitioning our boys’ room from a nursery to a toddler room so I’ve been looking for inspiration, which naturally spirals off into other decor/DIY finds and ideas and inspiration. I can lose myself in all the design/DIY blogs – it can be dangerous!

    • Sherry & John make everything look so easy that it deludes me into thinking I can do the same. They’re so clever. Be sure to put your before/after pics of the boys room on IG so I can sneak a peak x

      • I’ve been pondering doing a before/after post on the blog, but not sure yet. If nothing else, there will definitely be some IG pics!

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