Be kind

girl playing with tissuesI’m mindful to avoid rushing about loudly proclaiming how terribly, terribly busy and stressed I am. Everyone is busy. Everyone has stuff going on.

Really though, this week is madness. Big things, great things, little things, sad things, scary things are all happening at once.

I wish I could rant in detail about what’s going on but (luckily for you, dear readers) I’m not so anonymous on this blog any longer.

Hate to be all mysterious though, that’s just annoying. I can stretch to a bullet point summary, sparing any juicy details. Here we go, in no particular order of importance:

– Heating is highly overrated. We have had none (aside from a few temporary heaters) since February. Just when we thought it was getting fixed, literally new radiators and builders’ dust everywhere, life comes along and the project freezes unexpectedly. So we remain without heating. Hurry up and warm up, spring.

– When your car starts to sound like it has a V8 engine, then bits start to rattle and scrape along the road, you should seek help immediately. Then fork out loads of cash (that you had not budgeted) to fix the problem.

– When your son’s teacher asks to speak to you it is not to tell you he is a child genius. He is, of course, but a mischievous one at that.

– If anyone needs tips on how to work with no childcare for weeks on end then come to me. This morning I got an hour of work done with only a packet of tissues and a small clown fish as entertainment for Shine. The jury’s out on the quality of said work and when my childminder returns to work (soon, please) I will hug and kiss and hold her tight.

– Don’t mess with a Cancerian’s home. It really is their happy place. I thought buying a house would be fun. Er, no. It’s Stressful with a capital S. Pray to the house gods for me please people. We’ve found somewhere, I’ve fallen for it. Hell, I’ve even found the door knocker I want to put on the door. There’s just a whole pile of paperwork and stress standing in the way. I’m visualising the key in my hand on moving day.

– Death. Had a sudden reminder this week that people die. We all know it, but when it happens to someone close it rocks home. Oh yeah, life is short, and unfair sometimes. Death and fair do not know each other.

So whilst I’m not one to complain, I can certainly request that you all keep the following in mind.

‘Be kind for everyone is fighting a hard battle.’

Calling on all acts of kindness. This way please.

6 responses to “Be kind

  1. Wow! You are dealing with plenty aren’t you? Makes me feel like my usual week of hectic clock watching and tail chasing is really an oasis of zen (it isn’t obviously, but relatively speaking and all that!). Hang in there and let’s hope some kindness comes your way. Sending a virtual cuppa and muffin your way.

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