Dear Dummy Fairy

It was very kind of you to come and take Shine’s dummies and gift them to all the little babies who need them. Shine is really very happy to have helped out little babies and hasn’t asked for them back even once. I do however have one small issue to raise with you.

You see when you took the dummies you appear to have also accidentally taken Shine’s naps with you. Could you please return them at your earliest convenience? If not all of them, at least a few. Shine wasn’t done with them. She’s not ready to give them to the little babies just yet. She’s very sorry if she gave you the impression she could manage without them. She can’t. And neither can I.

If you need confirmation then please take a look at these photos. They depict a very sad and tired little girl, who clearly didn’t want that plate. Not the yellow one!

girl crying | bluebirdsunshinegirl crying | bluebirdsunshine

4 responses to “Dear Dummy Fairy

  1. Well done little shine for giving up your dummies but what a naughty dummy fairy taking away the naps too!!!

    Hope they come back quickly so peace is restored 🙂 xx

  2. Ah, napping and 3 year olds. So difficult to achieve but still o so necessary…!

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