Doing Nothing, Paris Style

I just got back from a long weekend in Paris. Yep, it was goooooood. I caught up with one of my besties and together we did a whole lot of nothing. Meandered from cafe to cafe to bar to shop to restaurant.

It was vital I didn’t come more tired than I left, as that would be close to catatonic levels. It’s safe to say my battery was hovering on empty when I left, so doing a lot of nothing was just perfection.

In case you’re planning a trip soon, my fave places this trip were: Holybelly (omg, the eggs!), Ten Belles (delish coffee, the aussie way), Merci (pretty things of all description), Lil’ Weasel (if yarn is on your shopping list), Tin Tin (Vietnamese yumminess) and Popelini (little bites of heavenly choux).

Some snaps from the weekend…

Paris | bluebirdsunshineHuevos Rancheros by Holybelly Paris | bluebirdsunshineStreet art in Paris | bluebirdsunshineParis in Spring | bluebirdsunshineFlattie in Paris | bluebirdsunshineGiraffe on Paris Door | bluebirdsunshineDrain in Paris | bluebirdsunshineHappiness  is Paris | bluebirdsunshinePopelini Paris | bluebirdsunshineTulips in Paris | bluebirdsunshineAaaah….can I go back now?


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