15/52 {the ordinary moments}

girl eating ice cream | bluebirdsunshine

 Her: getting every last sprinkle out.

Only one more week of me being a mother to a two year old as this little peachy is about to turn three.

Queue deep breaths and acute bouts of sentimentality.

Just like with my own birthdays, the day itself isn’t the hard part. I feel the pangs of time passing are at their worst in the lead up to the event. It’s as if the closer we get to the calendar page flipping over and it being her birthday, the more I try to grasp on to the things that make her still seem so small. Her mispronounced words, her bambi legs as she tries to run after her big brother, the way she grasps a crayon in her fist…

Soon these little everyday moments will be memories of the two year old version of Shine, and in their place I’ll be looking at a girl who runs confidently, learns to hold a pencil and works out how to use all the consonants at our disposal.

For the next few days then, I’ll linger and grab hold of her teeny frame a little tighter and try to commit every detail to memory.


Joining Living Arrows at I Heart Snapping and mummy daddy me‘s brilliant link, the ordinary moments. Check out both if you haven’t already!

living arrowsthe ordinary moments

8 responses to “15/52 {the ordinary moments}

  1. Ahhh bless her. You can’t leave the tiniest bit left over that would be a shame. Love love this picture. Perfect one to portray childhood. #livingarrows

  2. Beautiful words to accompany a beautiful photo. We definitely need to cherish these little moments because our babies grow up far too quickly xxx #livingarrows

  3. Oh yes. I totally know what you mean. When people ask me if I want another baby I think the answer is no, not really, I just want my babies to be babies for a little longer 😦

  4. Haha we do this too, I am surprised after eating ice cream we don’t literally eat the bowl trying to get the last bit out. I hope she has a great birthday, I think being a parent is such a bittersweet time, I wish every day that mine weren’t growing up so quickly. x

  5. my girls made a cake recently and it was 1/3 cake 2/3rds sprinkles hahaha…The beautiful thing is that you are writing about these moments, which will be something you can read over and over again. I read back on my journals often and my kids love to hear all about what they did before they can remember…this record will be her memory.

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