Raspberries & Cream | Love the little things

Time to take a look at the little things I’m loving this week…

Read – I’m reading The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. It came onto my horizon a week or so ago – I know, I’ve been living under a rock – and I got drawn into buying the ebook after reading the first page or so. It’s a super easy read and I’m loving the bare but punchy text. It’s great at dropping things out there and drifting by, like this:

The weird thing about houses is that they almost always look like nothing is happening inside of them, even though they contain most of our lives. I wondered if that was sort of the point of architecture. 

It’ll be interesting to see how the film compares to the book. I’ll take tissues and plenty of ’em.

Watched – I was incredibly moved by Breadline Kids, on Dispatches (Channel 4) this week, which I watched on catch up. It was about food poverty as seen through the eyes of children. The kids were incredibly dignified, and wise beyond their years. They’d probably rather not be described as that, and just have enough food to eat and go without seeing their parents or grandparents struggling to provide for them. It was heartbreaking, but necessary viewing. I’ll be making a trip to the foodbank on my road today to drop off a donation. I’m not going to spend one more week walking past the food bank sign thinking ‘I must get round to donating’. Time to actually do it.

cream silk blouse | bluebirdsunshine

Wore – Technically I haven’t worn this blouse this week, just looked at it. I dug it out from the dusty summer section of my wardrobe and had every intention of wearing it but I’m really bad at boarding the summer wardrobe bus. I hate being cold and get the fear that I’m going to freeze. Come on summer, heat up so I can wear this creamy silk shirt again.

Heard – On my playlist this week has been Sleeping At Last’s Covers Vol 1. Any Grey’s fans out there will know this series has been all about the 80’s cover, and I’m appreciating the nod to the past, big time. A few of the tracks from this covers album have made the Grey’s soundtrack. My fave is Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic. I’d go so far as to say I like it more than the original.

crochet bunny WIP | bluebirdsunshine

Made – I just finished crocheting a baby blanket (soon to be spectacularly unveiled) and have been doing to some quick and easy projects to up my satisfaction quota. This is my first attempt at amigurumi. Can you guess what it is yet?

Raspberry Ripple Carnations | bluebirdsunshine

and lastly…When my flower guy at the market told me last week that I was buying the last of the peonies for the season I was devastated. The season only lasts 4 weeks apparently. Who knew. I needn’t have worried about how to fill their void. This morning I picked up these stunning carnations. Raspberry ripple anyone?

Want to join the #littlelove party? Head over to butwhymummywhy for the lowdown.


8 responses to “Raspberries & Cream | Love the little things

  1. This is the second time today I’ve seen The Fault in our Stars recommended. I was worried it was going to be too much of a weepy but I may give it a go now. Loving the carnations, one of my favourite flowers.

    • The Fault in Our Stars isn’t making me weep yet (I’m about halfway) but I have a feeling by the end I’m going to be pausing to dry my eyes between sentences.

  2. I must have been living under a rock too, as only just cottoned on to this book! I must get it to read. Oh I love peonies, I didn’t realise that either, but those flowers are gorgeous. Enjoy your weekend. x

  3. I’ve definitely got The Fault in our Stars on my ‘to read’ list – I used to review children’s books as part of my job and I loved YA fiction – this sounds like a great one. Breadline Kids sounds a bit heartbreaking. There’s a food donation bank at our local Tescos but I always forget about it because I do Click and Collect shops and rarely go into the store itself. I’ll have to suggest that they give a ‘donate’ option on the online Click and Collect form (if they don’t already but I’m not aware of it). I’m sooooo impressed by anyone who can crochet – I long to acquire this skill but failed miserably on my first attempt! I am planning to book myself onto a little day class at a local yarn store! I didn’t know that about peonies either. The carnations are very pretty though – I never normally look twice at carnations! Have a fab weekend 🙂 X #Little Loves

  4. I’ve been keeping an eye out for Fault in Our Stars at the local charity bookshop, so keen to read it. Might just have to borrow it from my friend’s daughter!
    I too have been enjoying the music on this seasons Grey’s, the song you’ve chosen is no exception.
    Thanks for joining in, I love reading your posts x

  5. That version of Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic is lovely 🙂

    I can’t wait to see The Fault In Our Stars, I loved the book so much. There are a lot of films that don’t do justice to the books (I’m looking at you, One Day!) but the trailer for this one looks fab xx

  6. I recently finished The Fault in Our Stars. I shed a tear or two near the end, but I think I knew too much about it going into it to be too affected by it. Green is such a brilliant writer though (he lives in my city, incidentally). And I’m not normally a huge fan of carnations but those look gorgeous!

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