It Started With A Chain

unravelling yarn learning to crochet

It all started with a chain. A foundation chain to be precise. This time a year ago – almost to the day – I joined in with Kat Goldin’s Crochet Camp and I had no idea it would lead me to where I am now.

I kept seeing all these gorgeous things being dreamt up and made by creative souls and was tired of thinking, ‘I wish I could do that’. Why couldn’t I? I could at least try.

crochet row

Try I did, and man was it hard at first. Trying to get your hands to do what your brain is telling them is a tricky business. There was plenty of frustration – why didn’t my squares have the glorious uniformity of the bars and crosses I craved to create? Why didn’t I have 83 stitches in my row? What is a magic ring, and how do I do it? So many questions that needed time to answer, but how rewarding it has been.

So hope you don’t if I indulge in this little wander back to the start to record the journey of the past year.

I have to note though that the pics stop abruptly a few months ago. Why? Because there’s only so much time in the day that isn’t already scheduled for work or family. Picking up the hook was a conscious decision to move from looking on at other people’s creation, to start creating my own stories. That’s meant I’ve got a backlog of pretty projects to post about. Stay tuned for more, or watch them unfold on my Instagram feed – @bluebirdsunshine.

I can’t thank Kat enough for the Crochet Camp. It’s become more than a hook and some yarn. So much more. It’s made me want to stoke the embers of my creative fire. I’ve been inspired to learn so many new things and am starting to feel like my hands are an extension of my brain after all. I might not post as frequently as I did but I’m ok with that. I don’t feel like I’m missing out.

I want to love more, create more, live more. What could be more awesome than that?

crochet potholder for beginners
christmas bunting | bluebirdsunshine

crochet hand warmers | bluebirdsunshine

street crochet

crochet ipad cover

Crochet Bow Headband | bluebirdsunshine

denim blue crocheted cowl | bluebirdsunshine

crochet snood hood | bluebirdsunshine

5 responses to “It Started With A Chain

  1. You skillful thing, you, lovely crocheting. I’ll give anyone a gothic story or a silly quip, but something useful like this?…

  2. This is lovely to read – I’ve been learning to knit thanks to Kat’s tutorials – so far a simple scarf for a teddy sums up my skillz but I love how relaxing it feels. Loving that cherry one especally x

    • I followed Kat’s knit camp too, but am making much slower progress on the knitting front. I started a scarf for Sun about a month ago and it may have to evolve into a (very) short neck warmer – I’m so incredibly slow! Telling myself it’s more about the process than the end result though 😉 x

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