Coral Ripple Blanket & Bunny

Coral Ripple Blanket & Bunny | BluebirdsunshineIn all honestly, halfway through this blanket I really wanted to give up. If it hadn’t been a gift for a lovely friend’s new baby I doubt it ever would have made it.

Coral Ripple Blanket | Bluebirdsunshine

It was a bit like a marathon though (I’m guessing) in that when I began it felt like I would never make it. I stuck at it and when I got to around the halfway mark and contemplated the same amount of crochet stitches needed again I felt completely overwhelmed and ready to drop my hook. Then when I got to the last few rows I felt little pangs of sadness begin to creep in that it was coming to an end. Slowly edging round and round to add the final border I soaked in the final stages. It was the most satisfying thing I’ve done in a long time.

Coral Ripple Blanket | bluebirdsunshine

Coral Ripple Blanket | Bluebirdsunshine

Coral Ripple Blanket | Bluebirdsunshine

Coral Ripple Blanket | bluebirdsunshine

I get why they say that crochet and knitting is addictive. Blanket finished, yarn leftover, I started to contemplate making a little rattle to go with the blanket. Nothing to lose, I picked up the hook after a day or so and got stuck in.  After doing something as long as the blanket it was really lovely to see the bunny emerge in a few hour sessions. Bliss.

Coral Ripple Blanket & Bunny | Bluebirdsunshine

Crafty notes: Pattern for the blanket is the neat ripple blanket by the super talented and generous Lucy at Attic24. I used these border notes by Attic24 as a guide to add a border. Bunny pattern was this cute find from Lanukas. The yarn details and measurements for the blanket as well as the border notes are on my Ravelry.

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