Easy No Knead Muesli Bread

Muesli Loaf | bluebirdsunshineBread week on the GBBO this week and I’m not a massive bread baker. I love bread, but it doesn’t love me sadly, so I don’t bake a lot of it. I wanted to try something quick and easy as I was baking with my two little apprentice bakers at my side. I set them the task of making scones to distract them while I turned my hand to the bread.

I quite fancied doing something oaty and fruity so did some scanning about and found this No Knead Muesli Whole Grain Spelt Loaf recipe on Weekend Bakery. I didn’t change much so I won’t copy out the recipe. Only thing I did was use my own muesli mix with almonds and raisins instead of pistachios and cherries.

Muesli Loaf | bluebirdsunshine

I need to work on shaping and slashing the loaf – mine turned out a heart-shaped gnarly loaf – but other than that I was pretty happy with it. It’s definitely the easiest bread I’ve ever made and it tastes so great. Not too sweet like some fruity loafs can be.

I’ll definitely make this bread again. And this bircher muesli bread by thelittleloaf looks amazing too. Might have to be my next bread bake.

Muesli Loaf | bluebirdsunshine


Do you want to bake along with the Great Bloggers Bake Off? Check out the rules over with Mummy Mishap, the artist otherwise known as Jenny Berry.

Great Bloggers Bake Off 2014


Also joining in with #CookBlogShare party over at supergoldenbakes.

CookBlogShare supergolden bakes

8 responses to “Easy No Knead Muesli Bread

  1. I love muesli and baking bread but I’d never though to put the two together before. It’s a great idea and lovely to see a bread that’s a little bit different.

  2. ooooh i have some muesli in my cupboard………i like the sound of this loaf a LOT and i must have a go at making it myself. i love the idea of it being an easy one ot make with no kneading.
    thank you for linking up x

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