Norfolk Wanderings

Girl on beach | bluebirdsunshineWe just managed to get away last week and tuck a little holiday under our belt before the return to school and work. We headed a couple of hours north to Norfolk and stayed in Burnham Market. A few days exploring the beaches, coastline and little villages was exactly what we all needed. We ate like kings devouring all the local delights. I had no idea Norfolk was such a foodie heaven.

I absolutely loved the huge skies and the long, sandy beaches. All the pine trees and sand dunes really reminded me of parts of the Australian coast so I felt right at home. That is until I dipped my toes in the sea. Freezing. I didn’t get wet past the ankles.

The weather changed from sunny and warm to overcast and drizzly in a matter of days, making the change in seasons feel even more imminent. There were enough sunny spells though for the kids to get some sand castle building and digging out of their system before we said farewell to this summer.

girl in water on beach | bluebirdsunshine

Brother and sister on the beach | bluebirdsunshine

Girl on beach | bluebirdsunshine

Girl on beach | bluebirdsunshine

Stormy beach | bluebirdsunshine

Eat Cake | bluebirdsunshine

Boy reading in sun | bluebirdsunshine

ice cream | bluebirdsunshine


Brancaster Staithe | bluebirdsunshine

Blackerries in hand | bluebirdsunshine

boy at Brancaster | bluebirdsunshine

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