Dark Chocolate Tarts

Dark Chocolate Tarts | bluebirdsunshinePastry week in the GBBO tent. I LOVE pastry. I can’t think of a form of pastry that I don’t love. Sweet, savoury, puff, shortcrust. Give me any and I’m a happy bunny.

I was away last week on holidays so didn’t get my bake on. Crazy busy week so I decided go to turn to a trusted recipe. Ottolenghi’s dark chocolate tarts. You can find the recipe in Ottolenghi The Cookbook, which is one of my fave cookbooks, or this recipe from Ottolenghi’s Guardian column is very similar if you don’t want to buy the book.

Dark chocolate Tarts | bluebirdsunshine

I made the pastry in the food processor. There’s a few steps involved. None difficult but it takes a little time. I think the results are worth it. You get very short, crumbly buttery pastry that holds shape well. My only note would be that if you use muffin cases to fill with beans when you blind bake then be aware that you’ll get the ridges from the muffin cases on your pastry rather than smooth cases. No matter, but thought I’d point it out if you’re a fastidious patissier.

Making Dark Chocolate Tarts | bluebirdsunshine

I love too that in the cookbook there is a recipe for the pastry and then recipes for fillings in quantities of 6 tarts so you can easily make a selection or just a few for a morning tea. Perfect if, like me, you don’t want to be forced to eat a dozen tarts to yourself. Waste not, want not hey.

Dark Chocolate Tarts | bluebirdsunshine


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Great Bloggers Bake Off 2014


11 responses to “Dark Chocolate Tarts

  1. these look sooo good and soooo pretty! it never occured to me to use my muffin tin to make my tarts! thank you for linking up xx

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