Nothing like the snap of bones to remind you of the fragility of life and little people.

I’m sure the painful memory of finding Sun in a crumpled little heap holding his disfigured arm will stay with me far longer than the memory of the pain of the break will stay with Sun.

He is already trying to race back into life. He wants his cast off so he can learn to ski. He wants to do one-armed push ups to keep up his strength.

I want to stick him to my side and stop anything hurting him again.

Oh yeah, that’s right, not possible. That hurts. Parenting is painful sometimes.

3 responses to “Pain

  1. I think these things are often harder for us than them – that quote about a piece of your heart being outside your body comes to mind. Glad he is still full of beans though 🙂 xx

  2. Oh dear the poor thing. Children are wonderfully adaptable – much more so than us grown ups so hopefully he’ll take it in his stride. Much love x

  3. Poor little man. I often tell my husband that I just want to bubble wrap our children as they go through life. This is why! You’re right – it will stay with you much longer than it will stay with him. Sounds like he’s a trooper.

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