Get Your Hot Fresh Cinnamon Cronuts Here!

Cronuts | bluebirdsunshineWeek 8 of the GBBO – advanced dough – and it certainly proved to be just that (pardon the pun). I made cronuts – as the name would suggest a cross between a croissant and a doughnut. Think fried croissant. Yep, they are as heart-stoppingly good as they sound. Lighter than a doughnut but with the crispy sugary outside of the king ring of dough.

I have minutes to spare with linking up to the #Greatbloggersbakeoff2014 this week as this was the second batch after the first was fraught with error and they are the most time consuming thing I’ve ever baked. So. Much. Rolling. And. Proving.

Worth every second though!

Cronuts | bluebirdsunshine

Recipe here if you want to be eating hot fresh cronuts too right now (well in about 24 hours time, sorry you’ll have to wait too) – Faux-nuts.

Do you want to bake along with the Great Bloggers Bake Off? Check out the rules over with Mummy Mishap, the artist otherwise known as Jenny Berry.

Great Bloggers Bake Off 2014

4 responses to “Get Your Hot Fresh Cinnamon Cronuts Here!

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  2. Mmm, they look utterly delicious. What a great idea to bake along, I shall look forward to seeing what you make next.

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