Choc Orange Autumn Crunch

Choc Orange Autumn Crunch | bluebirdsunshineWell it’s all over, The Great British Bake Off is done for another year. What a final too, I loved that it was anyone’s for the taking going into the last episode and Nancy was such a deserving winner.

Last bake of the Great Bloggers Bake Off 2014 then. I’ll miss baking along. I’ll miss, challenging myself to try out new recipes and techniques. This season was tough wasn’t it. Looking back, I tried a swiss roll for the first time, baked with speculoos (yum), tried a no-knead bread (has become a family fave), tried lamination with cronuts, and made an entremet that was a chocolate extravaganza.

Until this week I didn’t really have any kitchen disasters so I guess I had it coming that this week’s showstopper would not go to plan. I quite fancied trying a croquembouche but I think I’d have to throw a party as it’s not something a family of 4 can get through in a day.

I decided on an individual piece montée made up of a chocolate sponge base covered in orange buttercream and chocolate ganache and topped with a profiterole filled with orange creme patissiere all drizzled with caramel. And breathe.

Choc Orange Autumn Crunch | bluebirdsunshine

Chocolate leaves and orange | bluebirdsunshine

Choux pastry – made once before. Caramel – never made successfully. Tempering chocolate – never done. Eeek. You can see where this is going.

6 components, 3 of which I had to do more than once. I split the buttercream, seized the ganache and had to accept my tempered chocolate was not perfect. Got there in the end though and can report that it tastes amazing.

Choc Orange Autumn Crunch | bluebirdsunshine

Choux buns | bluebirdsunshine

spun sugar | bluebirdsunshine


Choc Orange Autumn Crunch | bluebirdsunshine


If you want to try it, or elements of it, these are the recipes I used and the changes I made.

– Chocolate Sponge Cake (BBC Good Food) – this isn’t too rich and fudgey, nice and light to go with the other elements. I used a small round mould to cut out discs for the individual portions.
Buttercream (BBC Food) – I flavoured it with 1tsp orange blossom water, used a little less milk to account for the liquid, and added a couple of drops of orange food colouring. I did a masking layer over the discs first, set it in the freezer and then did a final coating to finish.
Chocolate Ganache (Baking Mad) – my go-to ganache recipe.
Choux Buns and Caramel (Delia)
Creme Patissiere (Mary Berry) – I flavoured it with the zest of an orange.
How to temper chocolate (BBC GoodFood) and chocolate leaves (Martha Stewart).


Do you want to bake along with the Great Bloggers Bake Off? Check out the rules over with Mummy Mishap, the artist otherwise known as Jenny Berry by clicking the cupcake below.

Great Bloggers Bake Off 2014

4 responses to “Choc Orange Autumn Crunch

  1. wow Naomi this is just so beautiful! i think it is def show stopper worthy and so perfectly formed! you really did challenge yourself and i love it!
    thank you so much for joining in again this year and good luck x x

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