Just a Minute

Autumn siblings | bluebirdsunshineI’m just going to take a minute to breathe a sigh of relief. It’s the end of the first half term of the school year and with the husband out, kids tucked up in bed and a glass of wine in hand I’m feeling like I can digest the last few weeks.

Sun has come through breaking his arm during the first week back at school, and he’s stronger and more determined than ever. I couldn’t be prouder of him right now, and that is huge given the many, many times in the past when I’ve felt like I’d lost my way at being the best mother I could be to him.

Shine has taken the leap to nursery in her stride and is thriving. She just seems very content, giggling a lot and chattering (and singing) constantly. She is my sweet daydreamer and I miss her fiercely some days and just want to go pick her up from nursery and hang out but I know she’s getting so much that I can’t necessarily give her and it would be selfish to keep her to myself.

Together, Sun and Shine are finding their way forward, helping each other more than they’ve ever done and enjoying moving all the cushions and blankets onto the rug and rolling about like nutters.

I feel like we’ve hit a patch when I can dare to think, yep, things are good right now, but rather than enjoying that completely and utterly I can’t help but be a little nervous. That age old adage that ‘this too shall pass’ is whispering around my brain and telling me that things can’t stay like this forever.

Of course they might get even better, but they could also be worse. That’s life isn’t it. You can’t ever sit back and take things for granted.

So right now I find myself a little sad that Shine has completed half a term already at nursery and is edging closer to leaving that warm, safe cocoon and heading to school. I’m excited about what the future holds for Sun and praying that he finds the pride he feels in his achievements and the copious amounts of praise addictive.

Enough reflection though, my glass is empty. Time to put this post to bed and move on, the weekend awaits.

2 responses to “Just a Minute

  1. Oh dear, bluebird or caramello, ‘this too shall pass’ should never haunt you in your happy times, I think it is the appropriate mantra for when things are paritcularly bad (Hyperemesis) or someone in danger of losing humility through too much success. But for surmounting difficulties and doing well in a normal way, no. Enjoy them.

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