Leaf Play | Autumn Leaf Necklace

Autumn leaf necklace | bluebirdsunshineHundreds of these gorgeous golden leaves blow up my front path and land at my front door at this time of year. I’ve been stepping over them and soaking in their beauty every time I fish around in my bag for my keys or wait for the children to get themselves ready to leave the house.

On Sunday I grabbed a handful of them and headed to my cutting board to have a little play. A few little cuts in each leaf in line with it’s veins and a simple gold chain and I had myself a necklace.

Just wish it would last longer.

Autumn Leaf Necklace bluebirdsunshine

5 responses to “Leaf Play | Autumn Leaf Necklace

  1. I keep seeing wonderful bunting made from leaves on Pinterest which I keep meaning to try (you dip the leaves in bees wax preserve them), but I LOVE your idea of a necklace!

  2. Just this morning I put leaves into a plastic zip bag and poured in a solution of 1/4 cup veg glycerin to 1/2 cup water to just cover the leaves, squeeze air out of bags and lay flat for 3-4 days– it’s supposed to preserve leaves. I’ll let you know how it goes– Did you make the cuts with tiny scissors? It’s gorgeous

    • I’d love to hear how you get on preserving them! I used a craft knife to make the cuts. Was actually very easy as the leaves weren’t dried. I think I tried once years ago to do something similar on dried leaves but they crumbled and cracked. Fresh was a lot easier. Good luck with the preserving!

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