New house keys

I know now that I couldn’t blog about home renovations or DIY. I’ve lost my blogging happy place somewhere here amidst the chaos.

I’m a total homebody and having my home thrown into disarray has really got to me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s amazing to finally be in our new home, but I just want to order the mayhem and paint the place grey, and for the moment it’s out of my control.

I can’t find the headspace to write. I don’t fancy much crafting when there is a fine coating of dusting over every surface. I haven’t even baked since moving in just over a fortnight ago, which has to be some kind of record for me.

It’s amazing isn’t it, the effect your environment has you. I don’t feel myself at all with my belongings still mainly boxed up, and these walls studded with hooks where another family’s life used to hang. I want to dive and make it my space but I’m having to be patient while some essential bathroom work gets done first.

So in the meantime, this is my view.

Full house chaos | bluebirdsunshine

2 responses to “Chaos

  1. I absolutely feel your pain lovely lady! Six months after we moved in to our new house – a new bathroom, downstairs loo refurb, and total refit of all downstairs flooring – and we are finally feeling like we are ‘home’ and getting settled. It feels so ridiculous to find such ‘luxurious’ problems to be so troublesome doesn’t it but I too found it to be massively stressful and unsettling. I love the fact that you have still got your fresh flowers proudly displayed on the fireplace – I did the exact same thing 🙂 Stay strong….it will be worth it! Jx

  2. Oh dear! I know exactly how you feel. That initial phase of moving into a new house really is horrible. We were exactly the same. After two years though we can call it a home – it takes a while to get to that feeling I think, but hopefully a lot shorter period of time for you to get that tradies’ gear out of your face!

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