A few little tidbits of life that should make their way onto this shelf of mine to be looked at later and remembered…

…Can’t get enough of Little May at the moment.

They’re a female Australian group who’s music just gets inside me and tingles. The video for Dust has glimpses of the Aussie bush that made my stomach flip with pangs of homesickness the first time I watched it. I miss those tree silhouettes and pink dusks.

…I stumbled upon the fact that these gorgeous ranunculus are related to the Australian native buttercup.

Ranunculus | BluebirdsunshineAmazing how things are connected isn’t it. I wonder if deep down at a subconscious level ranunculus sing to me because of their affinity to a flower that featured happily in my childhood. Buttercups are one of my favourite wild flowers. They, much like daffodils here, herald the arrival of spring in Sydney. The seasons aren’t as defined in Sydney as they are here but there are little signs if you know where to look and seeing buttercups pop up were a visual queue to clean the pool and go shopping for a new bikini.

Misty Daffodils | bluebirdsunshine

Don’t think daffodils here are quite the same sign for t-shirt weather.

Joy | bluebirdsunshine

…Things my little munches have said that made me smile:

Shine put in a request for her upcoming 4th birthday cake: I’d like a chocolate cake and on the top I want it to have a fairy and and a gate. A gate??? Yes, you know mummy, an animal gate so the fairy doesn’t fall off. Okay then.

Sun while wrestling with the margarine lid this morning at breakfast: How do you open this dastardly butter? 

Love, love, love them.

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