I haven’t posted in this little corner of mine for the longest time.

I’m often chasing time and thinking, ‘yes, next week I’ll have a moment’. Then I scrape together a window and it’s teeny and I’m paralysed over where to start and find myself folding socks instead.

Working from home, writing, on a computer all day is brilliant, don’t get me wrong, but when I have a free minute I just want to slam my laptop shut and literally run outside for air, not sit in the same spot I’ve been all day and write. How do you juggle work space with creative space?

I need to carve out a space in my new home that’s not a space to work or sleep…and just get on with it. So using Pip’s list and this 15 minutes I have free I’m doing it. Here we go, time to take stock:


Making : a little time to gather my thoughts
Cooking : Hemsley & Hemsley banana bread (like this H&H recipe but with walnuts)

Hemsley Hemsley Banana Bread

Drinking : vodka & ginger beer
Reading: All the Light We Cannot See, by Anthony Doerr
Wanting: more time, always more time
Looking: at the 2nd bloom of roses in my garden

Rosie Rose | bluebirdsunshine

Playing: a lot of Uno with my little boy
Deciding: whether to run or swim
Wishing: teleportation was a reality
Enjoying: freshly painted walls
Waiting: patiently
Liking: a crisp fringe
Wondering: how differently time passes depending on what you’re doing
Loving: coconut
Considering: bikini or one piece?
Buying: a new swimming costume
Watching: Orange is the New Black
Hoping: to work out what type of plum these are, they’re all over my back garden at the minute:

Plums | Bluebirdsunshine

Marvelling: at how easy some find a forward fold
Cringing: at the thought of my little girl starting school in a few weeks
Needing: more gelato in my life
Questioning: my sanity most days
Smelling: fresh coffee
Wearing: a pair of loose lounge pants a little too often
Following: @assholeparents on Instagram
Noticing: it’s been too long between blog posts
Bookmarking: Tig on Netflix
Knowing: it’s good to take time out every once in a while
Thinking: about Lisbon!
Admiring: everyone keeping it together through long summer school holidays
Sorting: the loft out
Getting: storage boxes. The glamour.
Coveting: built in storage. Sad, but true.
Disliking: clutter
Opening: boxes
Giggling: at my girl’s singing and jokes
Feeling: warm
Snacking: on almonds
Helping: teach my boy how to tie a bow
Hearing: Oh Wonder, on repeat

Promise not to leave it so long next time x


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