Scrummy Spelt Scones

Spelt Scones BBSSMonday afternoon the weather was grey and seemed to be edging backwards slightly away from Spring towards Winter. A spot of emergency baking was called for but I was working and didn’t have much time. With an Opéra cake ruled out, I turned to my old favourite – scones. As I don’t eat a lot of sugar or flour I did a quick scan for a recipe that would work with my low sugar, low carb eating.

I stumbled upon The Healthy Chef. Have you come across this chef and her website? I’m sure I’ve seen Teresa Cutter on Aussie TV (maybe Masterchef AU?) but for some reason I hadn’t explored her website. Score! I almost fell down the rabbit hole but clawed my way back out and stuck to the recipe I was looking for. These spelt and oat scones were just the ticket. They contain only natural sugars in the form of a little bit of honey. The original recipe called for fresh dates or figs but I didn’t have any to hand so I added a teensy bit more milk instead to stop them being too dry.

As they were baking they gave off the most amazing scent. Warm cinnamon goodness wafted through the house and it was just what I was craving. They turned out so good I’ll definitely be making them again. After 15 minutes I had myself some warm scones with a delicious crust and a soft, crumbly texture. Have to say they had more than a hint of the speculoos about them as well, which is never a bad thing!

I topped them with blueberry and blackcurrant jam (this SuperJam is my fave, 100% fruit) and double cream but they were just a day later, warmed slightly and slathered with butter. The kids declared them my best baking ever – got to love their extravagant praising!

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