Mary’s Bakewell Tart

Mary's Bakewell Tart | BBSSA combination of work, back to school madness and being away meant I’ve been eating more bakes than I’ve been making. I have watched GBBO though and have to say I’m not sad about not baking along with bread or batter week. It was such sad news that the Bake Off is moving to Channel 4, wasn’t it. It really won’t be the same without Mary, Sue and Mel.

In tribute to the great Bezza, I decided this week to stick to a classic Mary Berry recipe and make her bakewell tart. The only teeny change I made was to not add quite as much icing to the top. Not going to win any invention tests or prizes, but it was super tasty. If you fancy giving it a go – and you really should, it’s tricky and doesn’t require thousands of obscure ingredients – then you can check out Mary Berry’s Bakewell Tart recipe.

All good things start with butter, flour and sugar…Bakewell Pastry | BBSS

Roll out the pastry, pop it in the flan case and chill in the fridge before blind baking. While it’s baking get on with making the jam and the almond filling.

Making Frangipane | BBSS

I found the best way to get the frangipane into the tart and not mix all the jam up is to dollop it in and then spread it out carefully with a palette knife.

Filling bakewell tart | BBSSSpreading frangipane in bakewell | BBSSWhen mine came out it was super puffed up. It did drop a bit and have a few cracks when it cooled but it didn’t really affect the taste.

Bakewell baked | BBSSOnce it was completely cooled I took it out of the tin and drizzled it with icing. Yum!

Bakewell Tart | BBSSBakewell slice | BBSS

I’m linking up with super baker extraordinaire, Jenny, from mummy mishaps. Go check out what other bloggers have been baking this week!

Mummy Mishaps

8 responses to “Mary’s Bakewell Tart

  1. Hello *waves* lovely to see you back on board the GBBOBloggers2016 baking train 🙂
    adding less icing was a good plan, as I found it very sweet using her quantities, although i added a little less sugar to my frangipane. I like the less is more approach to be honest (apologies to Mary!). Your tart looks very delicious xx

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